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Street Fashion 2017

Most fashion styles are driven by seasons, gender, career or even sexual orientation. However, when it comes to street style, those rules do not apply. Street Fashion is the wild card. It is all about expression. This is a whole new realm where rules don’t apply. You wear what you like whenever you want.

Street Fashion has grown into some form of a worldwide movement involving people who are not afraid to be themselves despite their flaws. Human Beings are heavily flawed. Street Fashion is about embracing those flaws as opposed to hiding them under expensive fabrics.

One of the few similarities it shares with other types of fashion is the emergence of trends each passing year. Fashionistas keep coming up with new ideas that make them feel even freer. 2017 is no different. Here are a few that you may or may not have noticed:

Skateboarding Shoes


Everybody loves skateboard shoes! It is not just for skaters alone anymore. Millions of people have realized how cool and comfortable they are. They are now dominating the streets with reckless abandon. Skate shoes are meant to give a skater protection from injuries, cushioning and maximum flexibility. Basically, you can do anything or wear anything with skate shoes.

Super Baggy T-Shirts/Baseball Jersey

You can bet that your favorite celebrity whether male or female has one of these. Baggy t-shirts have made a major comeback this year. Not everybody wants to be confined in a tight t-shirt that makes their muscles pop out. Some just want to relax and let loose as they feel the breeze brush through them. Just like skate shoes, baggy t-shirts go well with anything; except your office attire of course. You can rock it at a friend’s birthday bash or a weekend at Coachella.

Retro Tracksuits

retro tracksuitsStreet fashion definitely pays a special ode to the old days especially the 90s. No wonder styles like the Retro Tracksuits never seem to fade away. There is something about it that people just can’t seem to get enough of. The moment you rock it you immediately look classic and sophisticated. It makes you feel like some Mexican drug lord who is at the top of the world.

Jacket /Shirt Tied Around the Waist

The next time you see a person with his jacket or shirt around the waist, it may not be the heat from the sun that is wearing him down. It is one of the latest street trends that have taken over. It is still a good way to carry your jacket if you are unsure about the weather.

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