Girl on A Thrift Hunt

Girl on a serious mission – shopping, discounts and thrifts!

Girl on A Thrift Hunt

Shopping Haul: Cheap and Chic Over Runs

Hi! I’m sharing another thrift shopping haul. I would call this a ‘thrift haul’ since these are factory overuns and I got them really cheap. There a lot of garment factories where I live and some of their overuns you can find in the markets at a really bargain price. Staple brands like GAP, CK, H & M, Ambercrombie, US department in-store brands for Kmart and the like. You’ll just need some patience sorting out the stuff. And also they come in limited quantities and sizes.

A week ago, I’ve been mulling over what to give myself for Christmas. A little early but I prefer it that way, no rush. Last year, I got myself a wii. I was planning to get a wii black but I was suckered by a great deal I found on Amazon and bought a white one. No difference anyway except for the color.

This time though, I decided to have a wardrobe update. I haven’t really done much shopping in terms of clothes. Mostly one off, second hand finds. So I went off to a market and scored these fab deals.

Leggings – in pink and black for $2 each; Tank Tops – lycra and cotton, navy, mocha and white; 3 for $5; One-Piece Floral Dresses – $3 each; Cardigans – gray and wine, $3 each. All in all I spent $21 and I got stuff I could easily mix and match. Happy Shopper here :))

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