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Girl on A Thrift Hunt

Share-a-Thrift-Hunt: My Comfy Office Chair

Hey! Just in time for the meme. Lol! I think I’m so scatterbrained this past few weeks I keep forgetting about the meme I’m hosting. Do forgive this ‘soon-to-be-senile’ thrift hunter. I was caught up again in a whirlwind of activities yesterday, that I just dropped like a log and forgot that I have to post this. From keeping up with household chores, constantly checking on my Dad who’s having health problems right now, and keeping up with my web projects, i was simply exhausted.

But I’m okay, and looking forward to some things. I’ve also been setting up my own personal home office {more like a nook, really}. I am working online mostly so I should have thought about setting this up sooner. It’s also in the plans when we re-construct our house, to have a real home office and space for me. Which brings me to look for my comfy furnishings. I’m quite particular about this coz I need something functional and comfortable. I keep having back pains from not so suitable chairs.

I was already prepared to buy an office chair brand new for $80 but two weeks ago we had to bring my sister to the airport and on the way there, I saw a Used Office Furniture – Phnom Penh shop. We dropped by and I loved what I saw. Mostly items from offices and they were in very good condition, some almost new even.

So last week, we bought my chair from there. It’s the same as the one I wanted but I got it now for only $30. It’s still in great shape. And best of all its soo comfy.

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