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Girl on A Thrift Hunt

Share a Thrift Hunt: My Black Cross Body Bag

Finally. I’m back to posting the meme. I’m not putting up the inlinks linky tool though coz (1) hahahaha I already forgot my username and I still have to dig it out somewhere (2) I’m not sure if the thrift hunters would be joining just yet. But if you have a thrift hunt to share, please just leave the link on the comments section. I would be glad to take a peek ;).

Here’s my current favorite bag to bring around. A black Naja Cross Body Bag. I lurve it sooo much. Easy to carry around, easy to match with casual clothes and lots and lots of space to put my stuff in. This is my ‘blogging events bag’ Lol! I love bringing it around when I go out to take snapshots or attend events. Cameras and notepads can be easily stuffed inside and since its cross body, it leaves my hands to take photos or {eat!} lol!

And I got these for a steal. Hubby and I were looking for raypak heat pump when we came across another branch of Sakura Japanese Second-Hand Shop in Boeng Trabaek. We decided to check it out and I saw this. Got if for $3 and its almost new and in tip top shape. An FF and a BB most definitely.

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