Girl on A Thrift Hunt

Girl on a serious mission – shopping, discounts and thrifts!

Girl on A Thrift Hunt

Share-a-Thrift Hunt Meme

**UPDATE** Share a Thrift Hunt Meme is on a hiatus..

Hi! Welcome to Share-a-Thrift-Hunt Meme page. This is your weekly Thrift Hunting Meme and of course, everyone is welcome to join.

I know rules ain’t so much fun, but we just need to have a few:

  • We’ll be playing the meme every Thursday. My post and linky form will be up every Thursday 1:00 AM (Asia/Phnom Penh Time) or 10:00 AM (US/Pacific Time);  Linky form will up be up until Wednesday the following week, so you have one week to post your meme entry.
  • Share a photo of a Thrift Buy. This can include any item you bought from ANY STORE/SHOP,  and you got on sale, or with a hefty discount. It can be brand new or second-hand as long as you got it for a killer big savings price;
  • You can post any item, from fashion finds to home, electronics, just about anything you got on thrift/bargain/sale/discount.
  • If you are in a blabbing mood, then do share also where you bought it. It’s a great way for us to find out more secret thrift hunting shops.
  • Link to us. Grab the button from my sidebar and paste it to your thrift-hunt post.
  • Add you post URL on our Linky form;
  • Hop and have fun visiting other Share-A-Thrift-Hunt entries;