Girl on A Thrift Hunt

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Girl on A Thrift Hunt

Share a Thrift Hunt: Jumper for Chinks

I this is an absolutely adorable-looking jumper/skirt. And the kiddo loves it coz she says it has lots of pockets she’s like her ‘school bag’. I’m always careful though before washing it and check it thoroughly coz she puts a lot of knick knacks on it.

Bought this at a wet market here in Phnom Penh – Boeng Keng Kang market. I was browsing the shops with hubby when I saw this. The seller initially wanted $3, but with a bit of haggling she gave it to me for 6000 Riels {about $1.5}. It’s almost new and the material is really nice. I think I wanna go back there again. Missed thrifting a lot..

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