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Girl on A Thrift Hunt

Share A Thrift Hunt #8: Pretty Tees

I love Russian Market {aka Tuol Tompong Market} here in Phnom Penh. It just never fails to churn out fab buys. But one must be in the mood to brave the teeny weeny market alleys and the heat. Sometimes, there are sellers who are rude, but if one takes things in stride, this is still one place to get real bargains.

One of the biggest industries here in Cambodia is garments. And a lot of their over runs {sometimes, even good ones} end up in the markets. I dunno how it got there, but I’m sure everyone have a fair idea. But the bargain shopper in me loves what the market has! Lots of great items at low low prices.

Here’s one great buy. Brand new H & M tees for $1.2. The sellers quoted price was $2.5 but I hemmed and hawed, hedged like mad, and told her I’m gonna get more than 5 if she sells it at $1.2. I got 7 in assorted designs and colors and paid $8.5. A BB since the shirts were of top quality and super soft.

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