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Girl on A Thrift Hunt

Share a Thrift Hunt #7: Skylar Jacquard Dress

LOL! I’m rushing I know. I forgot the meme I was hosting. I was on lazy, procrastinating mood today and it was only now that it stuck me, yay! its Thursday and I’m supposed to post this and still have tons to do and pending research on Blue Cross Blue Shield Blue Advantage. But better late than never, right? At least that’s what the great procrastinators like me, tell themselves always

Today, I’m sharing something I love to bits! I’m not the ‘dressy’ type of person and it pains me to buy a dress that is expensive knowing I won’t wear it often. So I prefer bargain stuff. Last Christmas though I decided to give myself a gift. Mainly because I had a few weddings to attend and didn’t have a dress to wear. I scoured a web for something elegant but still within my price range and found this at Target. Priced at $39.99 which I thought was still pricey but I had some discount codes from previous purchases so I got 20% Off plus free shipping to a US address so all in all I paid $32.

I was apprehensive about the dress quality but when it came I love it!!! It had hints of gold, definitely not cheap looking and the sewing was fantastic. One of my better buys. And I’ve worn it a couple of times already. It’s a lot pricier than previous buys but its good value. I’m sure it’ll see a lot of wearing from me.

share a thrift hunt-7: skylarc jacquard dress

Here’s how it actually looked like. I like pairing this with the turqouise necklace my friend Sam made. =)

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