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Girl on A Thrift Hunt

Share a Thrift Hunt #3: Brown Cowlneck Dress

Not second hand or from a thrift store. Bought this online and I got a hefty savings from it. It’s an AB Studio Brown Cowlneck Dress I bought from Kohls last November. I was looking for some nice not-too casual dresses I could use for small parties or lunches. But I didn’t want to spend too much coz I rarely wear dresses anyway.

Kohls was having a 3-day sale and I loved this dress for its very classy look. Original price was $59 and it was on sale for $17.70. But I didn’t stop there. It’s also like haggling in a real store, before I checked out I searched for some coupons and I found another 20% OFF coupon, so for this dress I just shelled out $14.16!!!


Truly a best buy. Specially when it arrived I was all the more happy coz the fabric was gorgeous. It doesn’t crease at all, plus the cut was soooo flattering. Also it came with that jaguar print skinny belt.


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