Girl on A Thrift Hunt

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Girl on A Thrift Hunt

A Queen for $2.5

Yes, I bought a Queen for only $2.5! And I got two sets of that. A Queen sized fitted bed sheet, that is. Got this last June. Hubby and I went to Boeung Keng Kang Market coz I wanted to look for a belt for a dress.

I got sidetracked with the second hand home goodies there like mats and shaggy carpets. Then I saw these huge pile of second hand bed sheets. So I dug through the pile and got this, 2 Queen size, fitted bedsheets, 100 % cotton, no stains, just a bit crumpled but all good. Initial price quote was$4 each but after a bit of bargaining and much eyelash fluttering (haha! Really.. there’s really a lot a cute pout, a bit of wiggle and some eyelash fluttering can do..) the seller gave it to me for $2.5 each.


Finding good bed sheets is a hard task to do here in Phnom Penh, and for long time, bedsheets has been on my IWT list. You can either go to a home boutique store but the stocks are limited at best and its so darn pricey! Other local home stores yield really poor stocks and I’m not really into that jersey and silk combination beddings.

A friend suggested going for second hand beddings though I didn’t really took her up on that coz I didn’t know where to find them. Until one of my Peluka sister Elma, dragged us over to Boeung Keng Kang market. That’s where you get a lot of second hand/UK beddings at just a teeny weeny fraction of the price.

And a lot of items in top condition, and would just be needing a good soak and wash. I just love the cotton fabric of these and also the patterns. Easy to match with anything. It now belongs to my  ’wash and wear’ pile of bedsheets. Love the feel and look of it, and it won’t seriously freak me out if the kiddo tears it or spills hot chocolate on it..

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