Girl on A Thrift Hunt

Girl on a serious mission – shopping, discounts and thrifts!

Girl on A Thrift Hunt
Not About Thrifting

Nah, I haven’t succumbed and taken a break from shopping. In fact, I have another haul I’m preparing to feature here. But this one is a random ‘what’s up with thrifter’ post. First things first, I had been busy revamping the look of the site. And I must really be crazy because I installed more […]

February 2, 2013, Random Blurbs of a Thrifter
LightintheBox Gadget Haul #3

I’ve been a LightintheBox customer for a few years already. I like their site, I find often to be a hit and seldom a miss. They carry a lot of goods in their inventory but so far I have only tried buying small gadgets from them. I limit myself to nothing more than $120 when […]

January 1, 2013, Uncategorized
Share a Thrift Hunt #1: Two Kiddie Jeans for $1

Yay! For the first entry. One thing I’m very careful about buying too much – clothes for the kiddo. She grows so fast that its just a waste to buy a lot of stuff. I mostly buy things that she can wear for at least a year and I get mostly stretchable, bigger than her […]

Top Books About Vintage Shopping

Vintage shopping is an artform. Not everyone has the eye for things vintage, you know. I am one of those who’s not yet even halfway there. And I want to develop that vintage shopping instinct. Learning from experts is one way to go. And I just want to be armed with these books: Top selling […]

September 13, 2012, Best Buys
Dropping In…

Hello! Yeah, I’m back. To blogging but not shopping. I’m on strict shopping diet coz I just had too much last month and also I’m prepping up for a huge shopping spree in December. And I’m also in a saving mode to gift myself with some gadgetry. So the past few weeks all I bought […]

September 2, 2012, Uncategorized
Gorgeous Izzy & Ali Handbags Big Sale on Zulily

Another one of my favorite private shopping site: Zulily. It caters mainly to kids and moms and some home designer items. And what they have is often so gorgeous!! Private shopping sites (at times also called sample sale sites) regularly have time limited sales and you get dibs at designer goodies at super big discounts. […]

September 1, 2012, Best Buys