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Girl on A Thrift Hunt

Online Shopping: Ice Yarns Turkey

I love living in Phnom Penh. It’s quiet, its quirky, its charming, its  not as bustling as mega cities. But there are some things that are missing too. Nothing major that can’t be remedied, but often I find myself missing honest to goodness malling and shopping. For what you may ask? For craft materials. I’m a crazed crafter. I love handmade things. I’m also partial to fiber crafts. And I need to have a yarn stash.

And that’s not easily available here. While some branded stuff like clothes, foods are slowly coming in, but at least you still need order cigars online if you seriously need one. Crafting materials are harder to come by. I don’t know why. For sure there is a market for that. I know there are fabrics, notions and some basic acrylic yarns available in the markets (mostly in O’Russei Market), getting good quality and novelty ones is just difficult. Unless you ask a friend traveling elsewhere to buy you a lot.

So what’s a crafty crafty girl got to do but search online? Thankfully,  I found several shops online, some in Etsy, some in Japanese and Korean online craft shops, and another yarn Gold Mine I found is They have a fantastic selection of basic as well as novelty yarns. The price is also good, its actually very cheap.

iceyarns shopping review first shopping haul..

the one’s in the photo are my share of the loot.

we got to try a glittery ‘hemp’ like yarn made of polyester/lurex/acrylic, an orange yarn made from acrylic/nylon, a bulky purple butterfly blend of polyester/acrylic, brown boucle made from acrylic/nylon, and a green shrimp mohair made from mohair/wool/acrylic/lurex

My friend Sresiaat and I got giddy and decided to order a batch. Iceyarns doesn’t allow purchase of individual yarn balls. All items are sold in packages (wholesale). One yarn design is packed into 4-10 balls per package. This may be a con if you’re looking to purchase just small amounts but I also think its good because shipping fees can be steep so you’d want to have enough yarns to finish a project.

In our case, Sreisaat and I decided to split everything in half. On this first purchase we selected a few yarns that is something we haven’t tried to work with. We also timed the shopping spree on their Tuesdays Promotion where yarns goes for as little as $0.25!! We picked out 5 kinds of yarns (total of 40 balls of yarns)  and our bill totaled to $48.85.

I was a bit freaked out coz the breakdown was $15.95 for the yarns and the shipping cost $32.90. Ha! But I had to calm down and consider that the yarns we selected were on super bargain prices. But the shipping fee is really steep, and this is just for ordinary registered mail package. They also ship out via DHL but don’t even ask me how much they charge.  But if we consider the total cost per ball which comes down to just $1.22 each, then its really very cheap. Even the ones in the market here cost more than these!

We did ended up going with the registered mail as our shipping option, we weren’t in a hurry anyway and we figured it’ll take about 3 weeks to get here. And true to form, the package was here in less than 3 weeks! So let’s just say I was pretty much satisfied with this shopping haul.  And were definitely buying more. That is, after I get to work on at least half of this first.

All that said, I’m so looking forward to another batch of #yarnhappiness!!! Hopefully soon!!

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