Girl on A Thrift Hunt

Girl on a serious mission – shopping, discounts and thrifts!

Girl on A Thrift Hunt

Not About Thrifting

Nah, I haven’t succumbed and taken a break from shopping. In fact, I have another haul I’m preparing to feature here. But this one is a random ‘what’s up with thrifter’ post.

First things first, I had been busy revamping the look of the site. And I must really be crazy because I installed more than 10 themes, tried each one until I settled on this one. Then I got down to work on the header and spent loads of time looking for a suitable vector. I find the one above incredibly pretty and fab. And no I don’t have blond hair, I have jet black hair but I liked the vector as it is.

Also, I’m trying to save a bit coz we have a couple of bigger purchases planned in the next few months. One, I’m planning to buy a new desktop computer with the biggest screen I could find and a really good firepower since I’m going to use it for my graphic design work. Second, were looking for ampeg reverberocket for our nephew, he’s in a band and that is our ‘new year’s gift’ for him. And third, I really need to replace our washing machine. It’s getting cranky a lot of times.

Next up, I’ll be posting about my most recent Gmarket haul. Yes, I went Gmarket shopping again. I told you, its an addiction. Lol.

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