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Girl on A Thrift Hunt

LightintheBox Gadget Haul #3

I’ve been a LightintheBox customer for a few years already. I like their site, I find often to be a hit and seldom a miss. They carry a lot of goods in their inventory but so far I have only tried buying small gadgets from them. I limit myself to nothing more than $120 when I purchase from them because for some reason, buying pricey stuff from them just scares me a little. I know its unfair to think this but there is no denying there are plenty of horror stories about China based online shops right?  But from my experience I have somewhat gained a lot more confidence. They have always delivered a great service. Suffice it to say that I’ll be ordering more from LightintheBox and next time I won’t be limiting myself to just small gadgets, perhaps they have best shirt printing? But really, I’m itching to try their evenings gowns and cocktail dresses.

Anyway this is my most recent haul.

Order Placed: September 12, 2012

Order Shipped: September 17, 2012.

Order Received: September 19, 2012 via DHL

LIghtintheBox Shopping Haul

That’s a very fast processing, the only gap would be when I placed the order (coz its midnight) and had to wait the whole weekend before it was shipped out. Not a problem for me. The tracking was also very timely and I really like DHL service. I was also expecting to pay a customs fee since I ordered electronics, but I don’t know why, perhaps DHL brokered, but I didn’t pay anything not even 1 cent.

On to the goods…I ordered:

LightintheBox Shopping Haul

Newsmy T3 – 7 Inch Capacitive Android 4.0 Tablet with 5 Points Touch (8GB, 1.2GHz, 3G Capability) – its on sale from list price of $139 I got it for $89.99. Why I bought this? I wanted a reader, something simple and functional for me to read books while I’m lying down. I don’t like using my laptop lying down, so I wanted a reader. I really don’t like browsing the web or playing games on a tablet so this is not my priority feature.  But the readers I saw online and on LITB were priced almost the same as the tablets, so decided buying this tablet is a better deal since I could also install other stuff on it. It’s running on Android 4.0 (Ice Cream Sandwich and very fluid if I may say so), comes with 8GB memory (which is just awesome for my books), can connect to a 3G dongle and supports SD expansion card up to 32 GB.

I was fairly apprehensive about this. And I actually waited almost a week before writing this review because I wanted to try and test it first. And it passed muster! Fair enough graphics, fast loading. I was also worried it might have a fake Play Store but it has a pre-installed Google Play Store and its the real deal. It also comes pre-installed with an APK installer so its also easy to install stuff not from the Play Store.  It has a camera but the resolution is nothing to rave about but I don’t really care about this since I think taking pics with a tablet is just ridiculous. Lol. The tablet build is obviously not as beautiful as an iPad or a Galaxy Tab, but its not cheap looking either.

The 8GB memory installed goes a long way. My daughter has installed dozens of games and it does its job very well. I also have lots and lots of rooms to store my ebooks. This is an excellent buy considering the price I paid for it. Branded tablets are just too expensive and I think not practical because its just for very light use like browsing or playing games and that’s one of the main reasons why I picked this. It’s very budget friendly and works for me.

LightintheBox Shopping Haul

Premium 2-in-1 Capacitive Touchscreen Stylus + Ballpoint Pen for iPad, iPhone, Android Phones and Tablets – List price $9, got it for $4. Just to make my life easier. This was offered with discount when you buy the tablet, so of course it went to the cart too. Very good stylus, light and easy to use. I just hope I won’t lose this.

Synthetic Leather Case Cover with Stand for 7 Inch Tablet PC – Black – list price $14, got it for $6. The only one I didn’t like in this haul. It’s not really that good, its like so stiff and cardboard like. It also a bit loose for a 7″ tablet. But it does do the job of protecting the tablet but really  I wish I picked another one.


Shopping Cost (3 items) – $99.99

Shipping (DHL) – $19.74

Shipping Insurance – $1.99

Discount Coupon – $9.00

Total Paid: $112.72

If you’re shopping on this site, make sure you subscribe to their newsletter (they regularly send discount coupons) or check online coupon sites for discounts. See I got a $9 off just from searching for a coupon online.

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