Girl on A Thrift Hunt

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Girl on A Thrift Hunt

I Want Some Tees!!

gap crewneck t

I wanna go shopping for tees. Yes, I’m obsessing on shirts these days. For practical reasons, that I don’t have any more shirts on my closets. Most are worn out and probably screaming ‘hey, let up! buy a new one and dump me please, soon!’. Yes, I’m your quintessential T-shirt girl. I dress for comfort that’s why I just adore t-shirts. I have amassed a nice collection of cutesy, comfy and some funny t shirts. I even used to have a collection of cartoon character t-shirts when I was a bit younger lol!

When it comes to shirts, I go for something soft and really comfy. It has to be made of cotton and I just adore tee’s from GAP and Old Navy. So that’s exactly what I searched for! For now I’m doing some window shopping and holding back from actually buying. I should probably visit those factory over run shops here. I always score shirts like these here anyway for a fraction of their retail price.

Anyhow, here’s what I liked from Old Navy and GAP online sites.

Of course, I wouldn’t be me if I didn’t get something Purple-y!

I think next week I’m going to raid the shops and get my t-shirt fix..:D

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