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Girl on A Thrift Hunt

Gmarket Haul #9: Yarn Happy and Fit!

It’s a weird combination right? Yarn and fitness stuff. Yarns sound more compatible with say labello cutesy cosmetics or flowers or perhaps kawaii fabrics. But that weird combo is so ME. I happen to be crazy about crafting and crocheting and if you’ve seen my previous post, I could happily spend my life, stashing yarns. Ha!

But crocheting and crocheting some more is really not doing much for my belly. So I have to balance things you know. Hahaha! So on this haul, I’ve decided to buy a resistance band (coz my old one went haywire already), a yoga mat (I wanted to try a Korean made one) and lots and lots of yarn.

To be honest, since I discovered Gmarket I’ve been staring and ooohhh ahhhing over the yarns, but for some reason I held back from ordering. But now I’ve decided to give it a try and see how the quality is and if its worth the cost.

This whole buying and shipping took just a week, it was so quick some of the items were shipped out a few hours after I ordered. Korean domestic couriers really impress me. And as usual with Gmarket I wasn’t surprised I got a huge box. Seriously I could fit in this one already. And of course, its half full. But the size is all because of the yoga mat I think.

Gmarket Haul #9

Gmarket Haul #9 - Yoga Mat

So on to the haul. My yoga mat (4mm) and resistance band (#2) { Seller Link}- very good. I was surprised coz I only picked the 4mm size so I expected it to be flimsy. It’s not the best, but already good enough for my daily yoga practice. And I so love the resistance band. I promise this is going to unleash some life/muscle/tone to my triceps. Ha!

Gmarket Hauul #9 Crochet Hooks

Crochet hooks . The only one I’m bitterly disappointed with. I didn’t actually need this but the photo on the page looked good. And it was cheap so I added 3 pieces thinking it’ll come in handy because I want to try making lace like fabric and these sizes are great as well for amigurumi dolls. But these were so low quality. The handles were even dirty and the metal was not good quality. I would steer clear of this seller.

On to my beloved yarns..

Gmarket Haul #9 - Polyester Baby Yarns

Wine Bear chunky soft yarns. I LOVE THIS! I don’t think I want to make into anything. Hahaha. I specially like the deep purple shade.

Gmarket Haul #9 - Acrylic Yarns

And from another seller I bought a stash of basic acrylic yarns and soft bebe fluffy yarns {Seller Link}. The basic yarns are smallish but the quality is really good. The strands are well threaded together and doesn’t feel too spongy nor is it itchy. I only wish they had bigger sizes than this. But let’s just say, I’ll have this on my bucket list for yarns from now. It’s very affordable too, just about a $1.5 each.

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