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Girl on A Thrift Hunt

Gmarket Haul #8: Got Some Basics

I have a hard time keeping away from Gmarket. I think it’s the only indulgence that works for me. And I could breathe a sigh of relief coz shopping there is all worth it. I always get blogger’s shopping rewards so that’s a big savings for my hauls. Anyway, for this month, since I shopped a lot during the holidays, I figured I’ll be buy some basics. So this is a very lite haul, no projector mounts included in here okay?

Gmarket Haul #8

Box was lightweight and half-full. Shipping was fast (two days to get to Phnom Penh) and I paid around $1.5 in taxes.  Bought a couple of things I need. My basics.


Gmarket Haul #8 - Nude Pumps

(1) Nude pumps – 8900Won. (Seller) – woot! killer heels. And I got the sizing right this time. Shoe is okay considering the price. Would recommend this seller.


Gmarket Haul #8 - Leggings

(2) Skirt Leggings + 1 Basic Leggings (Seller) – my fashion  staple. Well.. They are comfy and I can’t live without leggings! This one’s great.


Gmarket Haul #8 - Basic Makeup Brush set


(3)Makeup Brush Set – 5900Won – awesome little brush set. I just need the basics and the bag is a great thing specially when I travel.


Gmarket Haul #8 - Etude House Eye Primer, Liquid Liner and Concealer

(4) Etude House stuff – I needed the eye primer and the concealer. And I also got roped into buying the liquid mascara which I ended up loving a lot.

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