Gmarket Haul #7: Just in Time For Christmas

It hasn’t really been long since my last shopping haul from Gmarket. I guess you can really say now that I’m Gmarket addicted. And that addiction gets stronger when there are sale events, and when I’ve got lots of discount coupons on hand. I figured since its Christmas season anyway, I might as well indulge myself and do more shopping. I bought mostly stuff for my daughter and my husband. As for myself, I wanted to buy some fashion jewelry, and I’ve been wanting sterling silver cross but in the end, I decided not to go for it.

Instead I bought myself a small laptop table in cherry red. Woot! I’ve been wanting this since… well, since I started blogging. I have this crazy habit of writing usually late at night and I always crouch with my laptop on my bed and I fear I’ll be a hunch back before I turn 35. Lol.

Anyway, I placed the order on November 26 (yes, I’m early coz I fear the Christmas shipping delays) and almost all of my items were at the warehouse already on November 28. Except for my order of face masks. It took more than 5 days. Seriously! The longest I’ve experienced when it comes to domestic shipping on GM. It was an error and mix-up on the part of the seller.

Thankfully, before I could seriously get pissed, the face mask arrived and my package was shipped out on Dec 5th. From then on it was a short 2 day wait and I got it safe and sound.

And on a HUGE box, in fact, my daughter can fit inside it!! Once she saw it, she asked me if I bought a refrigerator. Hahahaha! Even the EMS people were stumped at how huge the box was, since it was more than 1m in width. But unlike my previous buys, it was packed full!

Gmarket Haul - Laptop Table

On to the haul..

Gmarket Haul #7 - Laptop Table

My laptop table – I like this. Lightweight, adjustable and fairly easy to use. One of my best buy. The red color is also gorgeous! 24300 Won {Seller Link}

Men's Dress Shirts - Gmarket Haul #7

My husband is extremely picky with his shirts. And were always hard pressed to find good ones that would fit him. Well, until one of his friends gave him a gift, a Korean made dress shirt. He liked the fit and I loved the fabric. They weren’t easily creased. So I  bought him a few more and luckily these are on sale. 10900 Won for each? Not a bad deal. {Seller Link}

 Gmarket Haul #7 - Konapun Bandai Cooking Toys

Bandai Konapun Cooking Toys – Cake House 23500Won {Seller Link}. This actually the main reason for this haul. My daughter has been bugging me to buy her this awesome toy for months already. I guess I had to give in. I made a mistake when I ordered this, I thought I ordered a burger house and a cake house. Turned out I added both cake house. But anyway, its well and good because its not just my daughter who is playing with this now. I’m actually loving it myself!

Gmarket Haul #7 - Bag On Sale

By far my most favorite of this haul. Why? Coz I got it on super sale. I wasn’t planning to buy any bags, but I saw that {Seller} was having a 1-day sale, I just had to grab two. And its totally worth it. Gorgeous bag for only 3900W each!

Gmarket Haul #7 - Face Masks

Face Masks 10900 for 40pcs {Seller Link} – the item that almost drove me nuts. There was a shipping error and it took 6 days to reach GMarket’s warehouse. Thankfully, this is one value item. 40 face masks in avocado, lemon, propolis, and tomato and I also got 4 free masks. Recommended item, but I’m kinda wary about this seller.


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    OMG, this must be the biggest haul you’ve had all these years. I’m so envious. I could not go past stuffing my cart with goodies from Gmarket. I get overwhelmed by the hangul script and the heavy web flash. Parang nagkaka-panic attack, hahaha.
    Seriously the laptop desk is the bomb – and you chose the explosive colour (red!).

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