Gmarket Haul #6: Some Things Off My Wishlist

Here’s our latest Gmarket haul, after holding out successfully for almost three months! That’s a nice record for me. And I would have extended the no-shopping rule if not for my sister who’s just ‘dying’ {her words} without her BB cream and a new bag. So since I’m buying stuff for her I decided to add a few more stuff coz of the shipping promo and really when it comes to GM shopping, the more you buy the better shipping rates.

I actually just shopped for stuff that’s been on my wishlist for awhile already. Mostly just stuff my daughter picked out and some cosmetics from Holika Holika. I still have a lot on my list. Hahaha, I think that’s the Gmarket effect, you’ll even find yourself adding weird stuff on your wishlist.

When I placed the order I was extra apprehensive coz I read on GM’s Facebook page about some shipping delays with a lot of international orders. But since the BB cream can’t wait (hahaha), I made the order on November 2,2012. Everything was delivered fast except for my shirt order. One of the items were out of stock, but I was immediately refunded.  My package was shipped out of Korea on November 6th. I picked up the package November 13th. The delay was mostly because of some Cambodian holiday.

And here’s the haul..

Gmarket Shopping Review

 The box was extra big, but very light which is pretty much the norm for Gmarket. I was hoping for a smaller box since we didn’t buy any bulky stuff but the box we got was big. And the inside was just around half-full..

 The pretty stuff..

 Gmarket Shopping Review

Holika Holika was having a promotion so I got a couple of things from them.. (1) Luminous Silk BB Cream {link} (2)  Jewel-light Waterproof Eyeliner in two colors 09 & 10 {link}. We got a box of cotton pads and some samples for free. I also bought Organia Aloe Soothing Gel on 1+1+1 promotion for only 9,900Won {link}

 The kiddo wanted these skirt leggings, I got the pink and grey for her {link}. This was really well made, very very comfy. The material is not flimsy at all, thick but not hot. Recommended seller and product. Be mindful of the sizing, I picked size #15 and it fits just right for a tall 9 year old. 

 Gmarket Shopping Review

I also got a few brasseries {link} and they are very good as well. I just bought 3 pairs to sample them and they are very good. So I’m planning on buying more from this seller. Lastly, I ordered two loose shirts {link}. I wanted them so I could use them with leggings, add a belt etc and they look very versatile and comfy. Too bad the other shirt went out of stock (P008), so I just got the green (P011) sleeveless shirt. Its Made in Korea, and the material is soft and comfortable.

 Gmarket Shopping Review

And a black bag (K17020)  for my sister {link} and hair bands for the kiddo {link}. We love hair accessories from this seller. They last really long, look cute and very affordable.


This was a very good haul. I’m actually itching to do another ‘just in time for Christmas’ shopping haul..


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    First time reading your blog bong, totally in love with your passion in hunting good and not-expensive stuffs just like me ^^ love to have some posts like you too. thanks for the tip.

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