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Girl on A Thrift Hunt

Gmarket Haul #5: Nuts about Bags

I have actually lost track of how many times I shopped at Gmarket. There were a couple of purchases that I didn’t blog about, but now I decided that I really should blog about all hauls. Why? Because Gmarket has this awesome Bloggers Rewards program where you simply blog about your purchases then you get a  chance to win some shopping money. I have actually won twice already so I should really make blogging about my purchases a habit.

My last post was about a two bags I ordered. This was a really small haul. In fact, the smallest I have made with GM. I was simply out of bags that I needed as in needed to buy one.

As usual, the order process was fast. It took just a week, I ordered Sunday and the whole thing was sitting on the post office here in Phnom Penh by Friday.

Gmarket Bag Haul

Since I just ordered two items, I was expecting a smallish box, but I was totally taken aback when I saw this huge box. Lol. Even the customs guy in the PO was laughing coz it was huge but super light. He even asked me if its a pillow. Ha! But I wasn’t really surprised that the box was only half-full. Sigh. That’s GMarket and EMS for you.

Gmarket Haul # 5: bags

First off, white canvass bag (Seller Link), I chose option M245 which was on sale for 1900Won (less than $2). I wasn’t expecting much coz yeah, this was like a freebie. It’s cheap! And I was so surprised that it turned out: flat out gorgeous!

Gmarket Haul #5

It’s quite big and perfect for me who bring around a lot of stuff. The stitching is nice even the inner lining is good. If I had more thumbs I’ll give this a 5 thumbs up, but since I just have two, then Two Thumbs Up! This will be my new everyday, casual bag.

Gmarket Haul #5

Next up is my belt shopper bag in Charcoal (Seller) $25500 Won. Gorgeous, just gorgeous bag. This is a really well made bag, and not cheap looking at all. I was expecting something just average but I was wowed. The seller was also generous with a pocket mirror freebie. I’m tempted, so tempted to get the orange and green one too.

But I was just left wondering too where the additional pouch bag was. It wasn’t included in my package:(. But since the bag was just oh la la, I decided to let it be. UPDATE: I found the pouch bag. Geez, this is embarrassing to admit but I totally missed the attached pouch bag inside the bag. It’s actually detachable and can be taken out and you can use as pouch bag or attach the bag belt and voila! you have a hobo shoulder bag. It’s just gorgeous. This makes it a 3-in-one bag and so I love love love love this bag. Highly recommended seller. Now I don’t need to make up my mind, I’m buying the other color variants of this one soon.

To be honest, Gmarket shopping is addictive. In fact, the kiddo and I had been looking up some stuff she wants to buy and she’s been campaigning for some K-pop music CD’s which are just plentiful and affordable in Gmarket. She also saw some leggings, shoes, hair accessories as well as gator cases. Yup, I have a budding fashionista and music lover. And thankfully, there’s Gmarket to address our shopping obsession.

Do watch out for my next GM Shopping Hauls.

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