Girl on A Thrift Hunt

Girl on a serious mission – shopping, discounts and thrifts!

Girl on A Thrift Hunt

Fave Shops: Amazon

Been asking myself why I haven’t signed up as an Amazon affiliate for awhile now. Lol. That’s place is every shopper’s paradise and besides they do have awesome, I mean really awesome deals!

amzn assoc

I have long been shopping in Amazon, I used to buy books and some lightweight supplies. When hubby went to US (hence shipping was easier) I got to shop for a lot of electronics on Amazon. This is where I bought my Nintendo Wii and I got a really great package deal. I also got a Bamboo Wacom drawing tablet, voice recorder, and a whole bunch of clothes and bags.

Their daily deals are worth checking out. I always get a great shopping experience with them and you really can’t beat the extensive inventory, they even have faucets, Big Agnes tents, automotive supplies!

Anyway, since I’m so into it, I’ll be occasionally linking to some recommended products on Amazon. Also each of my posts would be automatically appending Amazon products and deals at the bottom so be sure to check them out.

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