Girl on A Thrift Hunt

Girl on a serious mission – shopping, discounts and thrifts!

Girl on A Thrift Hunt

Dropping In…


Yeah, I’m back. To blogging but not shopping. I’m on strict shopping diet coz I just had too much last month and also I’m prepping up for a huge shopping spree in December. And I’m also in a saving mode to gift myself with some gadgetry. So the past few weeks all I bought was barefruitsnacks. All food supplies only. No clothes, no bags or anything not necessary.

But that’s not the main reason I was absent from blogging here. I was simply too busy with family and a lot of errands. Also I had a lot of sites to build and freelancing clients to keep happy.

I’m feeling guilty though that I really forgot to even update the site even once. Even with just deal alerts. I do want and plan to keep up with things soon.

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