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Girl on A Thrift Hunt

Crafting and Selling Talk

Crafting and Selling TalkI must confess to something. It’s an obsession: I love crafting and right now, I’m mad about crocheting.

It’s that thing that’s keeping me home and content (without going out shopping and thrifting!). I’ve been experimenting with crocheting bags, hats and purses and I’m loving it so much.  Simply put, it just sparks my creative juices and I get going with an idea, or even a color combination I have seen.

And right now, I’m thinking of what to do with the stuff I make. I can either open an Etsy shop, perhaps I want to open a physical shop and sell my crocheted items and also crafting supplies, but right now I’m really partial towards having my own website with a shop. With a matching blog to boot.

I don’t know if I have the time to do that but as for the shop a reliable and well built ecommerce shopping cart would take care of the shop side. I really also want to have a blog side by side with the shop because its one way really of touch basing with customers and craft enthusiasts.

This would be a journey for me, an epic journey of sorts but I’m really excited. Who knows sometime next year, I’d have my own physical shop here. Craft supplies and handmade stuff here in Phnom Penh is difficult to find so it’ll be a great niche to explore.

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