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Girl on A Thrift Hunt

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Why Thrifting?
Saving Money

I’m in an introspective mood. Ha! But I just got an email from a mom asking me why I am into thrifting? And deal hunting? Which led me to think, well, who wouldn’t want to save money? But then again, I’m just taking my perspective into account. Some others just have the money to burn, […]

July 18, 2016, Uncategorized
I Want Some Tees!!
gap crewneck t

I wanna go shopping for tees. Yes, I’m obsessing on shirts these days. For practical reasons, that I don’t have any more shirts on my closets. Most are worn out and probably screaming ‘hey, let up! buy a new one and dump me please, soon!’. Yes, I’m your quintessential T-shirt girl. I dress for comfort […]

February 29, 2016, Uncategorized
LightintheBox Gadget Haul #3

I’ve been a LightintheBox customer for a few years already. I like their site, I find often to be a hit and seldom a miss. They carry a lot of goods in their inventory but so far I have only tried buying small gadgets from them. I limit myself to nothing more than $120 when […]

January 1, 2013, Uncategorized
Dropping In…

Hello! Yeah, I’m back. To blogging but not shopping. I’m on strict shopping diet coz I just had too much last month and also I’m prepping up for a huge shopping spree in December. And I’m also in a saving mode to gift myself with some gadgetry. So the past few weeks all I bought […]

September 2, 2012, Uncategorized
Gmarket Haul #5: Nuts about Bags

I have actually lost track of how many times I shopped at Gmarket. There were a couple of purchases that I didn’t blog about, but now I decided that I really should blog about all hauls. Why? Because Gmarket has this awesome Bloggers Rewards program where you simply blog about your purchases then you get […]

August 5, 2012, Uncategorized
Fave Shops: Amazon

Been asking myself why I haven’t signed up as an Amazon affiliate for awhile now. Lol. That’s place is every shopper’s paradise and besides they do have awesome, I mean really awesome deals! I have long been shopping in Amazon, I used to buy books and some lightweight supplies. When hubby went to US (hence […]

July 29, 2012, Uncategorized
A Queen for $2.5

Yes, I bought a Queen for only $2.5! And I got two sets of that. A Queen sized fitted bed sheet, that is. Got this last June. Hubby and I went to Boeung Keng Kang Market coz I wanted to look for a belt for a dress. I got sidetracked with the second hand home […]

November 4, 2011, Uncategorized
An IHT: A Girly Denim Wrap Skirt

IHT – I Heart This! A fab thrift hunting find that turned into a favorite. Wherever I go, it seems I can’t help but go thrift shopping. Got this when I was in Manila a few months ago. I was sending off my brother on his bus ride off to Bicol. The bus company’s office […]

March 22, 2011, Uncategorized