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Girl on A Thrift Hunt

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Share-a-Thrift-Hunt: My Comfy Office Chair

Hey! Just in time for the meme. Lol! I think I’m so scatterbrained this past few weeks I keep forgetting about the meme I’m hosting. Do forgive this ‘soon-to-be-senile’ thrift hunter. I was caught up again in a whirlwind of activities yesterday, that I just dropped like a log and forgot that I have to […]

Shopping Haul: Cheap and Chic Over Runs

Hi! I’m sharing another thrift shopping haul. I would call this a ‘thrift haul’ since these are factory overuns and I got them really cheap. There a lot of garment factories where I live and some of their overuns you can find in the markets at a really bargain price. Staple brands like GAP, CK, […]

Share a Thrift Hunt #4: A Hat and A Cutie Top

Yeah I’m late for the meme hahaha! I went to sleep early last night coz I think I’m coming down with colds. Anyway, today’s entry is something I got from Phnom Penh’s Japan Thrift Shop. The Peluka sisters went there after coffee and a hearty lunch and as usual got tons of good buys. This […]