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Share a Thrift Hunt #3: Brown Cowlneck Dress
studio cowlneck dress

Not second hand or from a thrift store. Bought this online and I got a hefty savings from it. It’s an AB Studio Brown Cowlneck Dress I bought from Kohls last November. I was looking for some nice not-too casual dresses I could use for small parties or lunches. But I didn’t want to spend […]

Super Cheap Shoes
rubber flats

The thrifter in me doesn’t go on vacation. I guess. Lol. I was in a local mall a day ago shopping for stuff for my daughter. I usually buy her socks, underwear, shoes here in the Philippines since there are more choices and prices are also cheap. Once I was done with shopping for her, […]

Join The ‘Share-A-Thrift-Hunt-Meme’
goth meme badge

Whew! I’ve finally gotten around to posting this. Hahaha.  It’s a great time to end procrastination right? Actually, DonyaBooding, a thrifting/blogging friend and I has been tossing ideas about this ‘share-a-thrift-hunt-meme’ since early last year. But we had a ‘life’ in between so this has been put on the back burner. But I’m  now back […]

April 2, 2014, Share A Thrift Hunt Meme
Share a Thrift Hunt #1: Two Kiddie Jeans for $1

Yay! For the first entry. One thing I’m very careful about buying too much – clothes for the kiddo. She grows so fast that its just a waste to buy a lot of stuff. I mostly buy things that she can wear for at least a year and I get mostly stretchable, bigger than her […]

Missed the Meme :(

Just a short note and an apology. Sorry guys, specially those who regularly join the meme.  I actually missed posting last week’s Share-a-Thrift Hunt Meme. Not intentional, well, its holiday here in Phnom Penh and my mind sort of went also on a holiday mood. It was only when I was chatting with Donya Booding […]