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Gmarket Haul #9: Yarn Happy and Fit!
gmarket haul

It’s a weird combination right? Yarn and fitness stuff. Yarns sound more compatible with say labello cutesy cosmetics or flowers or perhaps kawaii fabrics. But that weird combo is so ME. I happen to be crazy about crafting and crocheting and if you’ve seen my previous post, I could happily spend my life, stashing yarns. Ha! But […]

Top Books About Vintage Shopping

Vintage shopping is an artform. Not everyone has the eye for things vintage, you know. I am one of those who’s not yet even halfway there. And I want to develop that vintage shopping instinct. Learning from experts is one way to go. And I just want to be armed with these books: Top selling […]

September 13, 2012, Best Buys
Gorgeous Izzy & Ali Handbags Big Sale on Zulily

Another one of my favorite private shopping site: Zulily. It caters mainly to kids and moms and some home designer items. And what they have is often so gorgeous!! Private shopping sites (at times also called sample sale sites) regularly have time limited sales and you get dibs at designer goodies at super big discounts. […]

September 1, 2012, Best Buys
Bags on Cart, Ha!

I’m trying to justify what I have done. Lol. And the best thing I could come up with is: I really really need an everyday bag. I have a couple of everyday bags, but since I’ve been going to school for a few months already, and carry with me tons of books, my two very […]

July 12, 2012, Best Buys