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Gmarket Shopping Haul #1
gmarket shopping haul

Oh yes, I’m definitely putting numbers on my Gmarket Haul posts. Coz I’m so pleased that I’m sure I’ll be shopping in this site again and again. I think its safe to say I’ll be getting addicted to shopping on Gmarket. It may require a bit of patience and getting used to but its all […]

January 9, 2015, Best Buys GMarket Shopping Hauls
Gmarket Haul #3
gmarket shopping haul

Finally. my long awaited Gmarket haul that I’ve resorted to writing a preview about-here. This was actually just a small collective haul made up of mostly girly stuff, no cosmetics this time coz I’m preparing to do a major cosmetics and skin care haul soon. But this was a really anticipated shopping haul since I […]

December 30, 2014, Bags and More Bags Best Buys
Casual and Strappy..

I think I’ve developed an unfortunate? (not sure if it is…indeed unfortunate) appetite for feminine strappy sandals. It’s a usual thing for me to have slipper/footwear emergencies because as hubby told me I’m the queen of klutz. I am always in need of emergency road service hehe or emergency sandals. The other day, I went […]

June 9, 2014, Best Buys
Super Cheap Shoes
rubber flats

The thrifter in me doesn’t go on vacation. I guess. Lol. I was in a local mall a day ago shopping for stuff for my daughter. I usually buy her socks, underwear, shoes here in the Philippines since there are more choices and prices are also cheap. Once I was done with shopping for her, […]