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Girl on A Thrift Hunt

Casual and Strappy..

I think I’ve developed an unfortunate? (not sure if it is…indeed unfortunate) appetite for feminine strappy sandals. It’s a usual thing for me to have slipper/footwear emergencies because as hubby told me I’m the queen of klutz. I am always in need of emergency road service hehe or emergency sandals. The other day, I went to the mall wearing a slipper and I slipped. Yes, I slipped on a slippery pavement and the slippers bid me adieu.


So I’ve got no choice but to hop and buy a pair of shoes. Thankfully, I was in a mall, and one of my favorite shoe shops was just a short hop away. I love this little shop and they sell cute sandals made in Thailand and prices are budget friendly, usually just $5 a pair. Note that I’ve been buying lots of flats and sandals here and they turned out to be of really good quality. I didn’t expect them to last a few weeks but they all lasted me a year or so, klutzy me and all.

Anyway, here’s a recent $5 buy. Love it!! It’s sooo comfy like the soles are padded. I also like the style. Very feminine.

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