Girl on A Thrift Hunt

Girl on a serious mission – shopping, discounts and thrifts!

Girl on A Thrift Hunt

Accentuate Your Pizzazz with Lady Charm has a wide selection of wholesale tutus available to help babies and ladies look their best. From baby onesies and legwarmers to hair bows and clips, girls of all ages will look fabulous in this stunning line of creations. The ruffled rompers and tutu dresses are about the cutest things you will ever see on a baby, other than the teeny tiny baby bare foot sandals with flowers on the top. Especially for birthday parties or dance recitals, wholesale tutus are available.

There is also an entire line of purses and wallets designed specifically for kids. The kid wallets are sold by the dozen, which is the perfect amount to be included in a birthday party favor bag. For the more glamorous girl there is a stylishly affordable line of fashion jewelry. The jewelry includes a selection of colorful necklaces, single pendants, fashion rings, bangles, and bracelets. Additionally, there is an array of seasonal items such as ear muffs, scarves, and scarf and head wrap sets to keep you looking stylish and warm. Make sure you check out the specials section of the website for deals on hot items such as the ever popular feather hair extensions.

They sell hair bow wholesale at a discounted price, you can check out more here. They offer packages with an assortment of colors, textiles, and sizes to suit your need. The bows come in one and two dozen packages. This is a great option for grandmothers or mothers with multiple girls to buy for, and could also be useful for a cheer leading squad or other athletic team that all want to wear matching bows. Headbands, hair clips, and feather puffs round out this collection of unforgettable hair accessories that will perfectly accentuate your style for any occasion. Don’t forget to check out the displays page to find the perfectly beautiful displays for organizing and displaying all of your hair bows. The dress shaped hair bow holders are my personal favorite. The more often you see the bows, the more often you will use them in your daughter’s hair. Has your interest been peaked?

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