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Cozy, Waterproof Outdoor Jackets for Children and Anglers
Waterproof Outdoor Jackets

When you’re from the coldest temperature ranges, you want a coat that protects from a myriad of climate like blowing wind, glaciers, snowy guy cotten rain gear bad weather and snowfall. Coats to shield you from this type of weather conditions need to be created from the most tough and protective material you will find. […]

March 19, 2013, Random Blurbs of a Thrifter
Missin’ Thrifting!

You know what I miss? THRIFTING! It’s been a few months already and I haven’t set foot inside a thrift shop. And that seriously frustrates me.  I miss it and this self-imposed thrifting hiatus is hard on a hard core thrifter like me. One big reason why I’m on thrifting diet is that, I have […]

Gmarket Haul #9: Yarn Happy and Fit!
gmarket haul

It’s a weird combination right? Yarn and fitness stuff. Yarns sound more compatible with say labello cutesy cosmetics or flowers or perhaps kawaii fabrics. But that weird combo is so ME. I happen to be crazy about crafting and crocheting and if you’ve seen my previous post, I could happily spend my life, stashing yarns. Ha! But […]

Inked Fashion

Are you addicted to ink? If you constantly find yourself in the hot seat of a tattoo shop check out Ink Addict Tattoo Lifestyle brand clothing, a fresh new clothing company that manufactures a wide selection of stylish clothing for the appreciators, supporters, and wearers of body art and modification. With a selective yet creative […]

Find Fashionable Trends at Flight Clothing Boutique
Flight Clothing Boutique

If you looking for the latest in unique and trending fashion, you’ve come to the right place. Flight Clothing Boutique offers a wide array of clothes you won’t find just anywhere, including the popular modern look of Keepsake Clothing. The Keepsake line was especially designed to offer the contemporary women a greater choice in today’s […]

February 19, 2013, Random Blurbs of a Thrifter
Lovely Gifts for Valentine’s Day
Valentine’s Day

Personally, I think Valentine’s Day is overrated. It should be Valentine’s Day everyday. Not just on one day. But to be honest, I wouldn’t also begrudge my loved one if he gives me gourmet gifts for Valentines Day.  But knowing him (clueless when it comes to gift giving, ha!) he might be cruising the shops […]