Fabulous Mom Deals on Zulily

Always. This site. Great, amazing, fabulous (yes, all nice adjectives!) deals for moms always at Zulily.

If you’re a mom or mom-to-be and looking out for deals for you and the little ones, this is one site to sign up for. Here’s just some of the deals on right now..(Note that these are time limited sales so hurry up and grab them)

Swingin’ Safari Classic Comfort Wood Bassinet

Screenshot (3)


My Mistake..

I posted last time how miffed I was about my delayed AlvaBaby.com order. And I was really pissed off, since I ordered the items for awhile already and it was showing on my order page and saying ‘pending’. Still, I waited.

I contacted their customer service, via chat, email and FB. But no response so that’s a negative for them.

After almost one month of getting no response and updates, I am thinking maybe the transaction didnt do through. So, I checked my bank and no charge was made. SIGH. Apparently an error in the site’s payment processing occurred. My mistake for now checking sooner.

BUT!!! Why no update from the shop? Why make me wait like a lunatic when I could easily have resubmitted my order. Now, I’m extra wary about doing the transaction again. Even if they have really Hot Deals, I would think twice.

But since this time, I really need the items I ordered I might give them a second chance.

Now I’m More Than Miffed

These past few months, I’ve been not so lucky with my online shopping purchases. I blogged about purchasing from Aliexpress and goodness I bought the item first week of August, and now its October and I haven’t received the item yet.

Talk about being disappointed. I submitted a dispute with seller but she just reasoned shipping is always delayed. Pfft! I bought lots of time from the site and only this time I was that disappointed so her shop is now on my ‘never to shop on’ list.

Also, I shopped for some baby cloth diapers and inserts from AlvaBaby.com and gee its also super delayed. Which is triple annoying coz I purposely bought above $50 so I could get free express shipping. Seller said HK customs is very strict right now hence the delay. So what can I do. Let’s just say I’ll be thinking a lot of times before buying from them again.

This makes me all want to take a long hiatus from online shopping. I guess luck ain’t on my side, if luck even have anything to do with it. So yes, that mens platinum wedding bands I planned on buying hubby for his birthday would definitely not be bought online. I will shop for it from a physical store to be absolutely sure.

BUT. I’m still hoping my two packages will arrive. SOON.

Call Me Miffed.

In my previous post, I mentioned my Aliexpress love.  And yeah, I’ve shopping this site a lot of times already with majority of my purchases I am happy about.

So when I was looking for a affordable baby carrier, I checked out the site. And saw this..

Baby Carrier on Aliexpress

I am well aware that this is an imitation ERGO. But still I found it looks so nice and you can’t beat the price at $23.75 and it has free shipping from this seller. So I ordered one like the photo above.

That was on the first week of August.

What makes me really miffed right now is that I still haven’t received it yet. I know its free shipping etc, but come on! China is so near Cambodia and besides I’ve ordered from various sellers several times and max time frame I’ve waited for an item from China is 20 days. Even for regular air mail.

So what gives? I checked the tracking info and its shows there item was shipped out of China late August and that made me do a wtf?!#. I mean, I ordered very early August and seller confirmed she shipped item 2 days after my payment went through.

Sigh. Online shopping is really a hit and miss thing. Thankfully, Aliexpress has buyer protection. They won’t release my payment to seller if I haven’t confirmed receipt of goods within the buyer protection time frame.

So now, I’m just waiting.