Sunbaby Cloth Diaper Shopping


I’m finally back and trying to make sense of my drafts and blog post backlogs. I did a lot of shopping the last few months but just didn’t have the time (nor the energy!) to write about them. I did take photos though so I will slowly get back into reviewing sites I bought from.

Anyway, since I have a little baby who’s now 7 months old, blogging has really taken a back seat. But the little one is giving me extra reasons to shop! Hahaha so were all good.

When my baby was about a month old, I decided to try cloth diapers. For one, the amount of diaper (and waste) was scary and at one time there was a worker’s strike in the city’s garbage collection company. And one week’s worth of garbage from disposable diapers frankly scared me. Also, my baby’s little bum was sensitive and I had to routinely apply diaper cream to avoid rash. So began my research on cloth diapering.

Since I was just trying it, and I was unsure if I would actually stick to it, I decided to buy somewhere where the quality is OK but not at an exorbitant price like Bumgenius or Charlie Banana. I settled with Sunbaby Cloth Diapers from China. It’s is run by a work from home mom, Sunpei and they have lovely designs.

Shopping on the site was a breeze. Pretty easy since the site is very basic. They only sell by sets of 6, 12 and 24 diapers, and you can select which insert you want from bamboo, microfiber and blended or without inserts. I went with blended (microfiber inside, bamboo outside) as I have read in various review blogs that this is more absorbent.

Sunbaby Diapers Shopping review

I chose Size 2 – 12 diapers with 12 microfiber inserts and paid $69 via Paypal. I chose ordinary shipping since I was thinking Cambodia is quite near China anyway. LOL. Fast forward 2 weeks, the package was here. And here are my lovely, fun cloth diapers!!

Sunbaby Diapers shopping review

6 months on.. I’m still using these diapers daily. And surprisingly they held on. I was expecting it to fall apart and I thought I would not begrudge it thinking of the low price. BUT everything is still all good! And I can’t believe how much it has saved me. I don’t cloth diaper full time, only during daytime and baby uses disposables when its time for bed at night. But I still managed to save a lot of diaper money! I’ll do a more thorough review of this on my mommy blog – Bag of Thoughts.

Sunbaby Diapers get two thumbs up from me. Definitely worth a BB and IHT rating from GirlonaThriftHunt! Great selection, easy shopping, fast shipping, and items are of good quality.

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My Mistake..

I posted last time how miffed I was about my delayed order. And I was really pissed off, since I ordered the items for awhile already and it was showing on my order page and saying ‘pending’. Still, I waited.

I contacted their customer service, via chat, email and FB. But no response so that’s a negative for them.

After almost one month of getting no response and updates, I am thinking maybe the transaction didnt do through. So, I checked my bank and no charge was made. SIGH. Apparently an error in the site’s payment processing occurred. My mistake for now checking sooner.

BUT!!! Why no update from the shop? Why make me wait like a lunatic when I could easily have resubmitted my order. Now, I’m extra wary about doing the transaction again. Even if they have really Hot Deals, I would think twice.

But since this time, I really need the items I ordered I might give them a second chance.

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Now I’m More Than Miffed

These past few months, I’ve been not so lucky with my online shopping purchases. I blogged about purchasing from Aliexpress and goodness I bought the item first week of August, and now its October and I haven’t received the item yet.

Talk about being disappointed. I submitted a dispute with seller but she just reasoned shipping is always delayed. Pfft! I bought lots of time from the site and only this time I was that disappointed so her shop is now on my ‘never to shop on’ list.

Also, I shopped for some baby cloth diapers and inserts from and gee its also super delayed. Which is triple annoying coz I purposely bought above $50 so I could get free express shipping. Seller said HK customs is very strict right now hence the delay. So what can I do. Let’s just say I’ll be thinking a lot of times before buying from them again.

This makes me all want to take a long hiatus from online shopping. I guess luck ain’t on my side, if luck even have anything to do with it. So yes, that mens platinum wedding bands I planned on buying hubby for his birthday would definitely not be bought online. I will shop for it from a physical store to be absolutely sure.

BUT. I’m still hoping my two packages will arrive. SOON.

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