Gmarket Shopping Hiatus

Don’t get me wrong, I’m still madly in love with Korean products and Gmarket remains one of my top 3 online shopping playgrounds. The sheer volume of goodies there is more than enough to make it one of my favorites and its still one of the first places I look at when I’m searching for alternatives to things like remo from guitar center. And also its still the best place to buy Korean cosmetics.

So why am I on a Gmarket shopping hiatus? For several reasons, (1) there has been quite a few changes to the site that I’m not particularly happy with like the ‘hiatus’ of bloggers shopping rewards. To be honest, this was one of the biggest draws about shopping there. And I also miss reading other bloggers’ shopping experience and recommendations. It was one of the best ways to find products recommendations.

(2) Shipping got quite expensive. So I figured I’ll just shop there when I’m buying more than $150 worth of items to make the shipping cost worthwhile

(3) I found a new shopping playground – Aliexpress. Where I find a lot of items cheaper and a lot of sellers offer free (albeit slow) shipping. The only advantage Gmarket has is their consolidated shipping.

Anyway, I do hope I could get back to my Gmarket sprees soon. I fancy buying a couple of bags, hair accessories and shoes soon.

Shopping for Lumbar Support

Online shopping is not YET very widespread or popular here in Cambodia. Although its quite heartening to see a couple of ‘online shops’ for mostly fashion, popping out on Facebook so things are looking up. Also most people here don’t use credit cards or do much transactions online, its kinda hard to push online shopping at this time.

So that brings me to one of my sources of shopping frustration (this should be hashtagged #firstworldproblems ha!) – when you need something unique its hard to find a shop that sells it here or even an online shop abroad that would ship it here.

My sis has been hunting for a magnetic lumbar support belt. We scoured the shops selling medical supplies here in Phnom Penh and found it in several shops. But the price tag – $30+. WTF?! So we decided to check online about the actual reasonable price. Most were below $20 price range. We had to options – buy in Ebay or Aliexpress.

Lumbar Support Belt

We decided to try out Aliexpress because it was cheaper although the shipping times really needs some patience applied. So we ordered 1 belt and 1 neck orthopedic tourmaline belt self-heating magnetic therapy waist support belt (link) for only $7.99 with free China post shipping.

Right now, were still waiting for it to be shipped out and I’ll report back here once we receive it. For now, I’m happy we got a good deal. Can you imagine the price difference? Not to mention there is a free neck support with this one too.

Hello 2014!

I’m actually laughing at my post title. Because, come on, were almost at the end of January and I’m just welcoming 2014 in this blog. I’ve been a really delinquent blogger as of late, mainly because I have too much on my plate and blogging had to take the sideline.

One good news for you dear friends… I’m pregnant and yeah, that’s sucking all my energy right now. Even my SHOPPING energy!! Hahaha.

Right now though, I’m just around my 2nd trimester so I’m slowly feeling a whole lot better and enjoying the whole thing so perhaps its time to get down to business. And shop a bit.

I’ve been looking online for some baby stuff. Mind you, I’m only buying stuff online for items that don’t need some serious approved like those that are USDA approved. So I’m talking about perhaps clothing, beddings etc. And of course, I’ll be blogging about the baby shopping experience.

One main reason why I decided to buy some of my baby things online – lack of availability. For sure there are loads of baby shops here in Phnom Penh, but the variety is lacking and I’m pretty miffed at how high they price items. Maybe for bulky items like car seats or cribs, I’ll buy from her but small items like cloth diaper, I’d much rather source elsewhere at a much lower price.

Anyway, guys wish me luck!

Fave Shopping Ground in Bangkok

Fave Shopping Ground in Bangkok

I love bargain shopping and of course, one of the best places to do that is in Bangkok. I used to favor MBK shopping mall for cheap finds. It has all advantages, lots of shops to choose from, very cheap prices and its well connected to transport.

BUT now I have a new fave shopping playground – Platinum Mall in Pratunam area in Bangkok! I found this mall easier to navigate, cheaper, with lots and lots of shop varieties, well organized (each floor is dedicated to one shopping category). For a mall that’s massive I find it easy to find what I need, even if you’re looking for smaller, harder to find items like wooden boxes, you can actually get by.

Platinum Mall Bangkok

The only downside I see to Platinum Mall is that its quite far from train stations. Yeah, its ‘walkable’, about 15 mins to and from BTS Chidlom or maybe 10 mins from BTS Ratchatewi, but this can be a hassle if you’re lugging around lots of purchases. Best bet would be a taxi or perhaps a tuktuk from the train stations.

Platinum Mall Bangkok

Anyway, from my last visit, I bought lots of flat shoes and tops, at almost just half of what I would have paid for had I shopped here in Phnom Penh. My daughter also went gaga over accessories and trinkets. Prices in shops are usually quoted in two. One for wholesale and another for retail. Most of the time if you purchase more than 3 pcs, you get the wholesale price, and most of the shops allow mix and matching items. Suffice it to say I’m definitely looking forward to another Platinum Mall visit someday soon.

Uber Cute Vintage Totes

Okay. This is on sale so hurry if you want to purchase coz it only runs from 12.05 – 12.12 2013!! Totes BbbS at 72% off at

I so love the vintage and playful styles.

Vintage Tote Bags on Sale

Adorable, right?

Missing Parcel

Whew! Can you imagine the last time I shopped online was September? And it was a small haul to boot. So my cart wasn’t loaded with novation impulse, but mostly small items on super sale at

I bought a car phone holder for Galaxy Note ($2.80) , a set of rechargeable batteries ($2.69),  LED flashlight ($1.20), a leather bracelet watch ($4) and a crochet maxi dress ($20.99). All in all my purchase was at a total of $32.67. I opted for free shipping (registered mail) since I was thinking those were only few items.

I placed the order September 18th and it was shipped out within a few days, but end of October came and the items were not yet around. I’ve been shopping at Lightinthebox for years already and whenever I ship via registered mail, it takes max three weeks to arrive. But I figured since we had a lot of holidays, perhaps there was a delay.

Then November came around and still no items. That’s when I decided to contact Lightinthebox customer service and they responded immediately, apologizing for the delay and offering to send me a refund. While I was disappointed (I so loved the dress and it was on limited sale only!!) I was still happy coz I got the refund in just a matter of days. I realize it was probably lost in transit.

Next time for sure, I would not opt for the free registered shipping. Just the same, thanks Lightinthebox for the excellent customer service.