$1.90 Shops in Phnom Penh

I have confessed to loving thrift shops, now I'm confessing to another addiction. Ha! Japanese $1.90 shops! This past year, Phnom Penh has seen loads and loads of $1.90 shops opening. Brands like Daiso, MIA and Tokotokuya are my favorites. Above. DAISO Shop in AEON Mall It's just they carry an extensive array of items and believe me, one can use up a few hours just browsing knick knacks they are selling. Especially Daiso, you can go dizzy with how many things are there is a small … [Read more...]

Little Things From MiniinTheBox China

This was bought a couple of months ago. I just didn't have the time to blog about it. I was simply browsing LightintheBox.com for some phone accessories when I saw they had free shipping and discount offers on their sister site MiniintheBox.com so I shopped. It's not that hard to convince me noh? I reckon I would even be interested in corner barces. Specially when stuff costs just a dollar or so with free shipping thrown in. Ha! Really, the big reason I got this was for batteries for … [Read more...]

New Blog Look

The blog dress up itch struck me again. And this blog got the brunt of it. A good thing I suppose. It makes me blog more when the blog has the look and feel I like. I know that sounds positively for beginners but that's one of the things that keeps me blogging along. For a couple of months the site has been sporting ColorLib's Sparkling theme. After heehawing, I finally decided to go back to using Genesis (it does rock!) and Daily Dish child theme. I didn't make too many changes, mainly the, … [Read more...]

Recent Trip & Shopping

Online shopping really did take a backseat for me. Even second hand thrift shopping is now a rare occurrence for me. I don't really mind as its a way to save and also I'm simply too busy with my baby to even care about shopping for now. So for the most part of last year and this year, I'm not much well versed with trends right now so if you ask me about top acoustic guitar brands, I seriously won't have any answer to that. Anyway, I think my husband noticed my conspicuous lack of shopping or … [Read more...]

Sunbaby Cloth Diaper Shopping

Hi! I'm finally back and trying to make sense of my drafts and blog post backlogs. I did a lot of shopping the last few months but just didn't have the time (nor the energy!) to write about them. I did take photos though so I will slowly get back into reviewing sites I bought from. Anyway, since I have a little baby who's now 7 months old, blogging has really taken a back seat. But the little one is giving me extra reasons to shop! Hahaha so were all good. When my baby was about a month old, … [Read more...]

Fabulous Mom Deals on Zulily

Always. This site. Great, amazing, fabulous (yes, all nice adjectives!) deals for moms always at Zulily. If you're a mom or mom-to-be and looking out for deals for you and the little ones, this is one site to sign up for. Here's just some of the deals on right now..(Note that these are time limited sales so hurry up and grab them) Swingin' Safari Classic Comfort Wood Bassinet   … [Read more...]

My Mistake..

I posted last time how miffed I was about my delayed AlvaBaby.com order. And I was really pissed off, since I ordered the items for awhile already and it was showing on my order page and saying 'pending'. Still, I waited. I contacted their customer service, via chat, email and FB. But no response so that's a negative for them. After almost one month of getting no response and updates, I am thinking maybe the transaction didnt do through. So, I checked my bank and no charge was made. SIGH. … [Read more...]

Tommy Hilfiger Deals

Okay. I did say I'll be taking an online shopping hiatus but no harm in looking, right? And this is a really good deal to pass up. Men's Tommy Hilfiger @ 70% oFF! This is a limited time sale so go shop shop shop! These would make great gifts for men.   I kinda like this one..   Tommy Hilfiger Men's 2 Button Side Vent Trim Fit Solid Suit with Flat Front Pant, Gray¬†-¬†originally $650 now only $194.99 … [Read more...]